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Spacious And Beautiful Cloakroom Render
- Sep 07, 2018 -

       Having a spacious and beautiful cloakroom is not only a woman's dream, but also a man who loves beauty.Cloakroom is mostly open, embedded, independent three ways to present.

Features of u-shaped cloakroom:

       As the name implies, u-shaped cloakroom is the "u-shaped" cloakroom, which actually has no special restrictions on the specific size.Can design U - shaped cloakroom size according to space size.Ideal U - shaped cloakroom size should be 4-6 square meters, if the space is large enough, can also be done a little larger.

Normal size of u-shaped cloakroom:

       The width of the general u-shaped cloakroom should be no less than 90cm and the thickness should be no less than 50cm.Because you have to think about the actual function of turning around and changing your clothes.The regular size of the u-shaped cloakroom is over 4 square meters.Because when the width is less than 90cm, it's hard for people to move.

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