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Stair Effect Drawing Made
- Aug 23, 2018 -

      The stair design in the sitting room is in decorate medium jagged sense highlights the most obvious position, need to accomplish the space style of upstairs and downstairs is harmonious and unified.The sitting room that takes stair can become household to design one big window, must use effectively.

       The decoration of stair can suit with the theme photograph of the sitting room commonly.The choice of tonal also is the theme that USES in sitting room decorate is tonal, modelling also can change somewhat as the style of the sitting room, such ability assures integral feeling is not destroyed.

       Want to want stair not to destroy the atmosphere of the sitting room, must be in choose material fluctuation good kung fu, among them the select material that helps column decided stair to decorate a style, so, no matter choose metal or glass or rope to wait, want to be consistent with sitting room style photograph.


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