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Styles Of Villa Render ONE
- Aug 29, 2018 -

There's many styles of villa can be roughly divided into the following categories,today we introduce one of them

The modern and simple style that large family villa decorates

Modern simple style is composed of curve and asymmetrical lines, such as peduncle, flower bud, grape vine, insect wing and all kinds of beautiful and undulating body patterns in nature.

Some lines are gentle and elegant, some are firm and vigorous and full of rhythm. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the methodical and rhythmic curve.

Use a lot of iron to make component, wait for new craft such as glass, ceramic tile, and iron art product, pottery and so on comprehensive application is indoor.

The whole home outfit effect is full of free, along with sex breath, let bear the modern of high pressure load, feel relaxed, freedom on the heart.

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