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Styles Of Villa Render THREE
- Sep 03, 2018 -

      Large - scale villas with European style

      The sitting room coping of Europe type style is fond of with large lamp pool, match with luxuriant branch droplight to build atmosphere.

      Door window upper half makes circular arc more, with the gypsum line that contains decorative pattern to hook a side.

      Two luxurious Roman Columns are erected at the entrance of the hall, while the interior has a real fireplace or a fake fireplace.

       Metope had better use wallpaper, or choose high grade emulsioni paint, in order to foil luxurious effect.

      Ground material is good with stone or floor.

      Europe type sitting room needs to use furniture and soft adornment to build integral effect very much.

      Brunet oak or maple furniture, the cloth art sofa with bright-coloured colour, it is the leading role in Europe type sitting room.

      Still have romantic Roman shade, exquisite oil painting, make exquisite sculpture handicraft, ubiquitous refined, costly, bring a person comfortable, high quality enjoy, it is the style that villa, duplex building decorates commonly used.

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