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Technical Features Of VR
- Oct 30, 2018 -

VR art is along with the coming of the era of "virtual reality" has come into being a new and independent category of art, in the virtual reality and art: metaphysical ultimate re-invention, about VR art has the following definition: "in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applied to the artificial intelligence technology as a means of media art form, we call it virtual reality, art or art of VR. The main features of the art form are hypertext and interactivity.

"As a comprehensive embodiment of modern scientific and technological frontier, VR art is a new art language form of visual operation and interaction of complex data through man-machine interface. It is important to attract artists, and it lies in the close integration of artistic thinking and technological tools and the new cognitive experience generated by their deep penetration. Compared with new media art in traditional Windows operation, interactive and extended man-machine dialogue is the key for VR art to present its unique advantages. On the whole, VR art is an interactive art form based on new man-machine dialogue. Its greatest advantage lies in the construction of the dialogue between the work and the participants, and the process of revealing the generation of meaning through the dialogue.

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