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The Animation Brief
- Dec 18, 2018 -

An analysis diagram of buffalo running on a Stone Age cave 25,000 years ago shows that the golden ratio human figure is the earliest evidence of human trying to capture movements. The movement occurring at different times is drawn together in one diagram. This concept of "simultaneous" indirectly shows human's desire to "move". Da Vinci painted four arms, indicating the movement of the hands up and down; In the history of Chinese painting, artists have a tradition of bringing static painting to life, such as the vivid spirit advocated in the "six methods theory" and the characters in liaozhai's "painting immortals" walking out of scrolls (although it has to rely on imagination to make up for the dynamic). These and the concept of animation have something in common, but the real development of the picture to make the effort to move, or in Europe far away.

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