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The Design That The Balcony Plant Wall Makes ONE
- Sep 11, 2018 -

       Modern more and more person likes to be done in the balcony to put the plant that a few oneself like, some even can make a plant wall, such can let our balcony look very beautiful already, can improve indoor air environment again.So want the balcony to do the word of plant wall, we should know to have what design principle above all?What does it do?What kinds of plant walls do you have?

The design principle of balcony plant wall

        Healthy principles of balcony plant wall design.Because this kind of plant wall is set for the person lives, through indoor plant wall design adjusts human body fatigue, alleviate mood.However, the metabolism and area of plants on the plant wall may also cause negative effects on human body. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the health factors to set up proper plants on the plant wall, non-toxic and harmless varieties, as well as the area and art form control, so as to create a healthy plant wall successfully.

      The living principle of balcony plant wall design.Plant wall is a form of stereoscopic horticulture with plants as the main artistic elements. It needs to take the long-term inventory of plant wall into full consideration and pay attention to the varieties and seasonality of plants.In addition, attention should also be paid to the control of the plant wall environment, such as light, air fluidity, temperature, humidity, fertilizer.

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