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The Design That The Balcony Plant Wall Makes TWO
- Sep 12, 2018 -

The function of balcony plant wall

        Beautify life and eliminate fatigue.The balcony plant wall, can create a beautiful and comfortable environment for oneself.Come back home to see colour is gorgeous, delicate and moving flower after work, smell sweet yu qingya of flower, can make you feel relaxed god J is smelt, bright and fresh, seem the fatigue of a day disappears completely.

       Improve the environment, adjust the small environment climate.Due to its unique photosynthesis, plant walls constantly absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They make the air fresh, absorb harmful gases and dust in the air, and produce sterilization.Secondly, plant walls are conducive to the production and storage of negative ions, which can activate the metabolism of human cells and enhance immunity.At the same time, the plant wall also has the function of adjusting environmental temperature, humidity and sound absorption.These are very beneficial to the environment and human health.

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