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The Design That The Balcony Plant Wall Makes THREE
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The sort of balcony plant wall

       The frame-type household plant wall is generally the model of skeleton + flowerpot.First cultivate the green plants you need in small POTS.Build a support frame in front of the wall and set up a simple drip or spray irrigation system.Then place the flower pot in the gap of the stand.The advantage of this indoor plant wall is that plants can be replaced at any time, and there is not much restriction on plant choice.

       Modular family plant wall, after breeding installed indoors.Its advantage lies in installation is convenient, and more beautiful.But its frame and module need to find a professional plant wall company to make and design, the cost is large.But because professional, so the irrigation system also implements the intelligent, the real smart plant wall, people also are a bit busy now, don't have a lot of time to take care of the plants, water or often forget to do, at this moment, such a smart plant wall also play its role, can be watered regularly, and have developed mobile phone software remote control water, which greatly improves the survival rate of plants

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