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The Difference And Function Of Hand Drawing Effect Diagram And Computer Effect Diagram
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Above all, effect drawing by hand just as its name implies is to pass stylist long-term the foundation of work that takes exercise to come out through brushwork will show a decorate general situation, effect drawing by hand needs to compare solid drawing foundation of work, just can let oneself design intention behave lifelike.

Computer renderings, by means of some commonly used design software, such as 3dmax, photoshop, four-dimensional star design software, and some production effect software (vr, Lightscape, etc.), are used by designers to show an ideal effect performance before the implementation of the design project.

Usually, a lot of stylist are heavy computer effect picture expression and light hand draw the effect is shown, but often talk about sheet skill in reality, the effect that hand draws effect picture expression is far bigger than computer effect picture, this also is stylist a kind of ability reflect.

The most basic requirement of effect diagram is: should accord with the size of the thing itself, cannot use the dimensional change of relevant model for beautiful and effect, such effect diagram not only cannot have the effect that expresses a design, become a factor that affects a design instead.

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