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The Life Balcony That Interior Effect Graph Designs, Let Your Occupy The Home Environment More Rich And Colorful
- Aug 09, 2018 -

      There is a life balcony commonly inside the house that builds newly now, and it is the balcony that plays a recreational action in the environment that decorates in our family, it is not the balcony that is used to air bask in model!But in this house price is high before the market, a lot of still can make full use of the space of this life balcony, so come next the 100 change modelling that sees the life balcony!

      The balcony design is laundry room, it is the most common practice at present, can conveniently live in life already, can satisfy air to bask in clothings and washing machine discharge water to wait for a condition again.Did ground ark and condole ark, use to receive, and washing machine also is crammed into the space of ground ark, neat and beautiful practical.The study

      Change study, quiet delicate family office.House area is small, won't have the study that sets alone commonly and workshop, transform slightly actually, tie-in whole bookcase, desk, telescopic droplight, recreational chair can become the balcony "100 change" the refined study that has a unique style.It's a great place to talk to friends, to write when you're tired, to relax and stretch!Tea house

      Change into tea room, let life more poetic.If the balcony is sunny enough, might as well design it as a tea room.Miscellaneous books and tea, and you can drag lazy sandbags to this round cushion.Recreational area

      If do not want to be conformist, can break off the partition of the balcony completely, changed recreational area, sit to drink tea to relax when leisure, especially satisfied.

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