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The Main Points Of Architectural Rendering
- Sep 24, 2018 -

In the process of building rendering, one of the most important light sources is the sun. Since the sun is at a set position and the angle of illumination is constant during the set time, the computer 3D software can provide an architectural rendering simulation function. Simulate the light of the sun throughout the year in any position on the planet. In this way, the architect can keep abreast of the lighting situation of his own scheme and the influence on the surrounding buildings. In addition to the sun, the computer can also introduce light sources of various colors according to the design requirements.

In addition, in the architectural rendering, the setting of the ambient atmosphere is very important for architectural rendering. This is not only the setting of the scale of the main building, but also a powerful reflection of the building rendering on the function and shape of the building. And it is convenient and fast. The computer can play its own large storage capacity. It can be used to create various architectural renderings, such as various cars, trees, street lights and proportional people. And you can adjust the number and position of the scene at any time based on the architectural rendering composition. In addition, the current situation around the proposed site can be taken into the computer and then converted into a computer to adjust the perspective of the model to match the current state of the environment. The architectural renderings thus made fully reflect the real situation after the completion of the project.

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