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Virtual Drilling Has The Following Advantages
- Oct 31, 2018 -

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Virtual practice environment is built on the basis of realistic training environment, and the operation rules are also based on the actual operating norms. The ideal virtual environment can even make it difficult for trainees to distinguish the true from the false.


Virtual drill breaks the limitation of the drill space, and trainees can conduct centralized drill in any geographic environment. Personnel in any place can enter the same virtual drill site for real-time centralized drill only through related network communication equipment.


Compared with real practice in reality, one of the advantages of virtual practice is that it can conveniently simulate any training subject. With the help of virtual reality technology, trainees can put themselves in various complex and emergent environments to conduct targeted training, so as to improve their adaptability and relevant processing skills.


With the help of their own virtual drilling system, each unit can organize relevant training guidance, trainees and other relevant personnel to conduct exercises at any time and any place according to their actual needs, and quickly obtain the results of the exercises to conduct the exercise evaluation and improvement. Trainees can also spontaneously carry out repeated exercises for many times, so that trainees are always in the leading position of training, master the initiative of training, and greatly increase the training time and effect.


As the top priority for power training in security, the practice of the virtual environment is far safer than reality, training and trainees can bold try all kinds of exercise scheme in the virtual environment, even through the "disaster", also will not result in a "bad", but put it into practice to assess, as a final exercise appraisal reference. In this way, under the condition of ensuring the safety of trainees' personal safety, trainees can remove the burden of potential accident and conduct drills as extreme as possible, so as to greatly improve their own skills and ensure personal safety and accident safety in future practical operation.

Combined with the above characteristics, the practice is to digitize related oil and gas fields and electronic facilities, and build a set of all-digital open Numbers for enterprises

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