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VR Application Field
- Nov 09, 2018 -

VR has not only been focused on the field of computer graphics, it has been involved in a wider range of fields, such as TV conferencing, network technology and distributed computing technology, and is developing towards distributed virtual reality. Virtual reality technology has become an important means of new product design and development. Among them, collaborative work virtual reality is the hot spot of new research and application of VR technology, which introduces new technical problems, including human factors, network and database technology. For example, the human factor has to consider how multiple participants interact with each other in a Shared space, and the behavior of virtual objects in the virtual space under the joint action of multiple participants. Collaborative design in VR environment, where team members can conduct the construction and operation of virtual objects in the virtual environment synchronously or asynchronously, and evaluate, discuss and redesign the virtual objects. Distributed virtual environment enables different designers to face the same virtual design object geographically. By cooperating with sound and video tools in Shared virtual environment, design defects can be eliminated in the early stage of design, product launch time can be reduced and product quality can be improved. In addition, VR has become an important tool for constructing virtual prototype and supporting virtual prototype technology. VE -- virtual environment technology enables engineers to interact with their design prototype (virtual prototype) in real time in three dimensions.

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