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VR Is Applied In Cultural Relics And Historical Sites
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The use of virtual reality technology, combined with network technology, cultural relics can be displayed and protected to a new stage. Firstly, by means of image data collection, the entity of cultural relics is established into a three-dimensional physical or model database to preserve the original types of data and spatial relations and other important resources of cultural relics, so as to achieve scientific, high-precision and permanent preservation of endangered cultural relics resources. Secondly, these technologies can be used to improve the accuracy of cultural relic restoration, prejudge and select the protective measures to be adopted, and shorten the restoration period. Through the computer network to integrate and unify the cultural heritage resources in a wide range, and through the network to use virtual technology in a wide range of more comprehensive, vivid, realistic display of cultural relics, so as to make cultural relics from the geographical restrictions, to achieve resource sharing, really become the human race can "own" the cultural heritage. The use of virtual reality technology can promote the culture and museology industry to enter the information age faster and realize the modernization of cultural relic display and protection.

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