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What If The New Office Smells Bad FIVE
- Oct 15, 2018 -

5. Methods to remove the smell of formaldehyde from furniture

A: you can put two POTS of salt water in the room. The smell of paint will get rid of quickly.If be the paint flavour that woodwork furniture sends out, can be scoured with tea water a few times, paint flavour also can eliminate a few faster;B: you can choose some high-tech deodorant cleaner in the market. It can remove the harmful gas emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture.According to concerned personage introduces, these dispel flavour cleaner is import product commonly, use ammonia compound and harmful material produce chemical reaction, had the effect that dispel flavour cleanness thereby.In the room that decorates newly, can pour this kind of dispel flavour cleanser into dish, put dish respectively in each room, combine to swab again dispel flavour law, can remove bad smell effectively after successive days;C: to quickly remove the smell of residual paint, cotton balls can be soaked with citric acid and hung in the room and wooden furniture.

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